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Synergy Youth Treatment is looking to hire dependable and dynamic individuals to fill their youth mentor position. These individuals are needed to help struggling teenage boys heal and improve their lives through example and interaction. Mentors spend a great deal of time with the young men participating in school, activities, and daily interactions that will help the young men discover their strengths and reach their full potential.
Responsibilities include:
Monitoring and reporting on behavior
Assisting young men to follow the program rules
Interacting with young men and helping them find positive and productive outlets to deal with the challenges they face.
Tutoring during school hours
Conduct and process activities
Preparing meals
Being a positive role model and creating strong, inspiring relationships with the young men
Must be 21+ years or older
Must be able to pass a background and drug check
Must have a driver’s license
Must have a minimum of a HS diploma. Higher education preferred
Starts at $11/hour DOE


Synergy Youth Treatment is a Residential Treatment Program that works with adolescent boys ages 12 to 18, focusing on strengthening family relationships and helping young men transition into adulthood.

The Therapist position will work within a positive, exciting, active, and challenging work environment that will include the opportunity to develop a close working relationship with Synergy administration. The Synergy therapists are responsible for providing individual, family, and group therapy to Synergy residents.

Responsibilities for The Synergy Therapist position include:

• Develop essential clinical relationships with all assigned residents and their families which promote and facilitate healing.

• Provide Individual, Groups, and Family therapy to Synergy residents.

• All resident paperwork including group notes, therapy notes, psychosocial assessments, Individual Treatment plans, monthly reviews, and other necessary clinical documentation.

• Serve as prominent member of treatment team.

• Provide case management services and coordinate treatment with resident families, mental health professionals, and other agencies for all assigned residents.

• Coordinate all services with Synergy administration to ensure best possible services are being provided.

Synergy Therapist should demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Strong ability to work with adolescent boys ages 12-18

  • Ability to communicate effectively and punctually with case managers, parents and other team members

  • Exceptional Interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Passion for working with youth

  • Knowledge of effective therapeutic techniques for working with youth and their families.

  • Commitment to being an important member of the Synergy team.

  • Positive and encouraging attitude.

  • Drive to continue to grow and develop as both an individual and a clinician.

  • Critical reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills

  • Computer literate with an understanding of how to work with all clinical electronic records.

  • Understanding of cultural differences across many different spectrums and knowledge of how to effectively operate within those cultural spectrums.

  • Good emotional and self-awareness, strength of character, confidence, and motivation.

  • Effective leadership skills.

  • Provide positive example to youth through interactions and choices


Applicants for Synergy Therapist must meet following qualifications:

- Must hold at least a Master’s Degree from an accredited graduate institution.

- Hold an active Utah license to practice therapy as a Certified Social Worker (CSW), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

- At least two (2) years of experience in working with youth/adolescents and their families in related field is preferred but not required.

Salary starts between $50,000 to $60,000/year based on experience.

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